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SURVIVING A SEASON:  Essential Advice for Young Athletes, Parents, and Coaches on Staying Healthy and Avoiding Sports Injuries  

Over the course of the past two decades, sports injuries among children, teenagers, and young adults have increased at an alarming rate.

Sports injuries have increased due to the rise in the number of young athletes playing sports, the development of overaggressive training programs, year-round game schedules, and participation in multiple sports in one season.

An injury in a young athlete can potentially end an athletic career early and become a source of life-long disability.  

In SURVIVING A SEASON, sports medicine specialist Dr. Michael DeFranco explains the important issues surrounding sports injuries.

The first step in avoiding sports injuries is to understand the problem.  The second step is to act by taking the appropriate preventive measures.  The information in this book will help you accomplish both steps.

This invaluable resource is a basic guide for young athletes, parents, and coaches on how to stay healthy and enjoy sports without getting hurt.  


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